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Hello Rare Male Slash writer/artist!

Here are my likes/dislikes and some prompt ideas or pairing dynamics. I am more than happy to receive fic which uses none of these prompts though, these are just a few ideas for those who like or want them.


- pining (although I prefer it requited)
- hurt/comfort (mental and physical)
- huddling for warmth
- whump
- competency
- physical reactions to stress - feeling faint, throwing up
- people being mutally besotted, even if they don't admit it
- prequels, backstory, missing scenes
- please feel free to go full woobie. I love a woobie. Especially a stoic woobie.
- all ratings. If you feel like writing kink, go for it.
- frantic sex, sex where they don't quite manage to undress, sex where they don't quite manage to get a room, frottage.
- non con and dub con.
- mindfuckery
- clothing porn
- wrists getting kissed or touched. And people unfastening cuffs to get at the wrist to kiss it
- kissing. Oh god I love long drawn out kissing sessions


- anything to do with pregnancy, birth, babies etc
- modern AUs for the period canons.

Dark Matter - Michelle Paver
Pairing: Gus Balfour/Jack Miller

I couldn't believe it when I saw this in the tagset, this truly is a rare pair. But so heartbreaking and fascinating. I love that Gus is such a 'Boys Own' hero. I love the class differences and the way Gus's genuine loveliness breaks through the protective barriers that Jack has built up around himself. As for fic ideas, OH GOD JUST FIX IT! Seriously, what a truly horrifying ending on multiple levels. So Jack does save Gus and there is extended recovery time and both become more and more smitten. Or perhaps just a few tender moments in the cabin while Algie is out murdering animals and being an arsehole :) Or maybe watching the Northern Lights together. Sex wise, it would be great to mess around with the power and class dynamics. Gus can be really imperious with all his 'as leader of this expedition you must do as I say...!' but then he also delights in not being treated as a little prince and having to make his own bed etc. So maybe having to do what Jack says is what he secretly longs for, and Jack finds being the one with power over a member of the upper class pretty intoxicating, especially someone he's fallen in love with. Lovely and kinky and messy! Or even 'OH FUCK THERE'S AN EVIL THING STALKING US AND WE'RE STRANDED IN THE ARCTIC AND I LOVE YOU AND WE'RE GOING TO DIE' sex? Also would be fantastic. Happy to have frightening fic too.

Art: Jack and Gus wrapped in their expedition clothing. Or playing with the dogs. Or watching the midnight sun/northern lights together. Can make it as domestic or hot or horrifying as you like - it is a ghost story after all!

The Halcyon
Pairing: Adil Joshi/Toby Hamilton

This is a really new canon so I'll sum up quickly - The Halcyon is about the goings on of a grand London hotel during the Blitz. It's only a few episodes long (because they cancelled it, OF COURSE THEY DID, why do I ever bother liking anything I swear) but it's so engaging and gorgeous to look at and the storylines are great.

Adil is working as a cocktail waiter in the hotel and becomes UTTERLY SMITTEN with Toby Hamilton, whose family owns the hotel. Toby at this point hasn't even realised that he's gay, never mind that the rather beautiful cocktail waiter is making eyes at him. They are such a pairing of contrasts - Toby is upper class, buttoned up, and very cerebral (he's a codebreaker), whilst Adil is one of Toby's family's employees, very impulsive and wears his heart completely on his sleeve.

Their relationship is as fan-ficcy as it gets. Adil first tries to get Toby's attention by sending up himself coffee via room service when he knows Toby's working late. They first kiss when Toby is trying to escape the attentions of a young woman and hides in the booze store where Adil just happens to be. They angst over each other, they adore each other, they argue and break up and get back together in dramatic style - it's so enjoyable!

Prompt ideas - missing scenes. Adil realising he's smitten. Toby realising he's gay (and also smitten!). Adil teaching Toby how to make cocktails after hours. Alll the clothing porn - Toby enjoying Adil's uniform, or Adil dressing or undressing Toby from his white tie outfits. Being caught in a bombing raid and having to find shelter. Anything to do with them coming to more equal ground than the kind of 'master and servant' situation they're in initially. Or perhaps they like that :)

Art: oh god the interiors! All the art deco if you can! Although that's possibly quite a tall order, so also one of my favourite scenes is Adil making Toby a cocktail and passing it to him as Toby sits at the bar, and they let their fingers touch for a moment. It's so lovely and understated.

Whyborne and Griffin
Pairing: Griffin Flaherty/Percival Whyborne

I love these two. Whyborne is so eccentric and awkward and endearing, and I love his self doubt and his constant confusion that Griffin thinks he's the hottest thing he's ever seen. And Griffin! Talk about a stoic woobie (my FAVOURITE type of woobie). They work so well together and they are so besotted. I love that they are good at very different things, the contrast in their backgrounds, and their physical contrasts too.

Fic: I'd be happy with a slice of life - just them kissing on the couch for an hour, or taking a day trip to do something Whyborne finds faintly horrifying, or celebrating a holiday or a birthday, and it all going a little...Widdershins. Watching each other work and just kind of adoring the competence. I love it when Whyborne's immaculate clothing gets messed up in some way. Do feel free to write something filthy! I especially love rampagingly horny just-done-some-sorcery Whyborne who tops the hell out of Griffin, and how Griffin absolutely melts at the thought of it. Or jealous Griffin, making sure Whyborne knows how much he wants him. Or reassuring each other about the future, because of course their relationship could send them to prison.

I haven't quite finished reading the latest book so incorporate it or don't, it's up to you.

Art: I'd love art of any room in their home, or of Whyborne's office. Or I love the place they go to sit and look at the sea (and kiss). Or just the two of them and Saul the cat.

Captive Prince
Pairing: the tavern prostitute/stable boy

So this is just sheer greediness because I got two lovely lovely fics for this pairing at Yuletide. But anyway - I feel like the world needs more of this pairing so in some ways this request is completely selfless. Honest.

I found the scenes with the tavern prostitute very amusing and loved his snark and his sulky 'More like mousy. And he wasn't that attractive,' line so much. I may have been almost as amused as Laurent. And I always felt terrible for the poor stable boy, not getting paid even after having to put up with Govart. I'd love versions of events through their eyes, or just a snippet of their daily life. Do they pine for each other? Are they already together and just trying to get money together for a new start? Do they plot revenge on shitty clients who don't pay? Hurt/comfort would be great, as would lighter, comic happenings.

Art: Tavern scenes would be fun, or just a simple kiss! There isn't much description of them in canon so I have no particular preference as to how the stable boy looks - the tavern prostitute obviously is at least a little like Laurent, and has tousled, sandy hair.

Pairings: Billy Prior/OMC, Billy Prior/Wilfred Owen, Billy Prior/Charles Manning

Billy Prior is one of those characters who grabs you and doesn't let go. He's such a mass of anger and distress and constant horniness he doesn't know what to do with himself. Fic wise I don't really want anything about him at the Front (quick flashbacks are fine) and not too much about his therapy sessions either. Mostly I just want Billy to have some sex! The sex can be as fun or as fucked up as you like. Obviously he and Charles Manning canonically have an experimental time of it - switching, a bit of D/s, a bit of sadism. I'd happily read more of that please! With Wilfred Owen, he was in love with Siegfried Sassoon (he wrote about saving Sassoon's letters all day and going somewhere special to read them) so perhaps he finds a distraction in Billy that Billy is only too happy to provide. And of course they're all soldiers so role play and power dynamics could be fun. The OMC can be whoever you like - another patient at the hospital, someone he picks up in the pub, someone who picks him up, or someone he's investigating? Perhaps his muteness comes back and he has to negotiate sex without being able to say anything at all...


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