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Hello Yuletide writer! I can't believe it's this time of year again. I'm excited - let's do this :)

Here are some ideas and prompts for the fandoms I've requested, but if you have other ideas that you'd prefer to write, go for it. I am happy for you to use any combination of the characters I've requested, but don't feel you have to include every single one if you don't want. Feel free to ODAO, of course - I like surprises!

- pining
- hurt/comfort (mental and physical)
- huddling for warmth
- whump
- competency
- loyalty
- magical sex pollen
- physical reactions to stress - feeling faint, throwing up
- first time being in love and not realising what it is (sure there's a better way to describe that!)
- prequels, backstory, missing scenes
- please feel free to go full woobie. I love a woobie. Especially a stoic woobie.
- all ratings.
- frantic sex, sex where they don't quite manage to undress, sex where they don't quite manage to get a room, frottage.
- non con and dub con.
- delayed orgasms
- clothing porn
- wrists getting kissed or touched. And people unfastening cuffs to get at the wrist to kiss it
- kissing. Oh god I love long drawn out kissing sessions
- bathing scenes

- anything to do with pregnancy, birth, babies etc
- modern AUs for the period canons.

Captive Prince: the tavern prostitute, the stableboy

Yes, it's me with this, again! This is probably the last time I'll be able to request these two for Yuletide as the fandom will be too big by next year, so fuck it, I'm going for it.

I found the scenes with the tavern prostitute very amusing and loved his snark and his sulky 'More like mousy. And he wasn't that attractive,' line so much. I may have been almost as amused as Laurent. And I always felt terrible for the poor stable boy, not getting paid even after having to put up with Govart. I'd love a look at their relationship. Are they best friends? Friends with benefits? Or do they pine for each other? Are they already together and just trying to get money together for a new start? Do they plot revenge on shitty clients who don't pay? Maybe they've made a new start together, or worked out a fab new scheme of making money since the coronation (are they Laurent/Damen impersonators, available for parties? OH GOD I've gone full crack). Anything, anything.

Dark Matter - Michelle Paver: Gus Balfour, Jack Miller, Algie Carlisle

This canon is heartbreaking, fascinating and terrifying. I'll admit I'd love shippy fic for this. Or at the very least, a non-tragic ending! Though gloom and terror are also great, but I'd love there to be some positive outcome from it.

I love that Gus is such a 'Boys Own' hero. I love the class differences and the way Gus's genuine loveliness breaks through the protective barriers that Jack has built up around himself. As for fic ideas, OH GOD JUST FIX IT! Seriously, what a truly horrifying ending on multiple levels. So Jack does save Gus and there is extended recovery time and both become more and more smitten. Or perhaps just a few tender moments in the cabin while Algie is out murdering animals and being an arsehole :) Or maybe watching the Northern Lights together. Sex wise, it would be great to mess around with the power and class dynamics. Gus can be really imperious with all his 'as leader of this expedition you must do as I say...!' but then he also delights in not being treated as a little prince and having to make his own bed etc. So maybe having to do what Jack says is what he secretly longs for, and Jack finds being the one with power over a member of the upper class pretty intoxicating, especially someone he's fallen in love with. Lovely and kinky and messy! Or even 'OH FUCK THERE'S AN EVIL THING STALKING US AND WE'RE STRANDED IN THE ARCTIC AND I LOVE YOU AND WE'RE GOING TO DIE' kissing? Also would be fantastic.

Also things from Algie's point of view would be so interesting. Is the darkness and menace leading him to be more violent than he usually would be? How does he react to Gus becoming so close to Jack? Post-canon, I'd be interested in the fact he was a POW.

Dickensian: Arthur Havisham, Meriwether Compeyson, Mr Jaggers

Dickensian is now on Netflix - in the UK at least. Enjoy the BBC's Dickens fanfic!

Poor Arthur Havisham - what a time he's had of it. Disinherited, heavily in debt, gay, bitter, and with a little bit of a drink problem. Living above a pub with the monstrous Meriwether Compeyson doesn't exactly help with any of that either.

This show basically came from my id. The way Compeyson menaces Arthur with his naked body, the way he tries to kiss him in public to frighten him, the beating with the belt - and just when Arthur can't take any more, he reels him back in with booze and false friendship and gently tending his wounds when Arthur gets violently mugged. Ah, it's all so very very fucked up.

I ship Arthur/Compeyson in an extremely messed up way! I'd love anything about these two - how they met, how they came up with their nasty little plans. Perhaps an AU where they got away with it, and what effect that has on their relationship. What their nights out are like (brandy soaked, I think). This ship is ideal for kinky, fucked up sex, so if you want to write me that, be my guest!

As for Mr Jaggers, I'd love to think of him rescuing Arthur in some way, or guiding him out of the bloody mess he's got himself into. I ship them too, in a guardian/ward kind of dynamic.

Mr Jaggers I could read doing pretty much anything. He completely pings my competency kink. I'd love fic about him just lawyering, or working with Inspector Bucket on a case, or just the shady stuff he gets his clerks to do for him. Mr Jaggers vs Chancery! I love the little details they added from the book about him, like the hand washing and so on. And the animosity with Mr Tulkinghorn - what's that all about?

Green Men series - KJ Charles: Randolph Glyde, Saul Lazenby

This book hurt my heart. The supernatural storyline aside (which I loved) it was Saul's struggle with his shame that really got to me. He'd internalised all his life that he was wrong inside somehow, and then he had that wonderful time of being in love before being betrayed in every way possible, branded a traitor and encouraged to kill himself. I mean FUUUUUCK. So watching Saul and Randolph find each other and trust each other was so lovely. Saul's vulnerability and Randolph's protectiveness were just the best. Plus the chemistry between them is off the charts ridiculous. I think that tree in the first chapter probably burst into flames not for any supernatural reason, but because Randolph and Saul were in each other's vicinity for the first time.

I loved their evening at the Cafe Royal and would be happy with fic of another night Saul and Randolph have on the town. In fact, Randolph had a few ideas of things to do with Saul in evening dress and I'd happily have fic exploring those options! Or Randolph's ridiculous bathroom for that matter.

I also really liked the use of the Green Man mythology, so if that entwines itself into your story, then wonderful. I don't know much about it so won't have any idea if you make things up - I don't expect lots of research! I'm all for Saul uncovering more of what it means to be the Walker and how it fits with Randolph's Words. Or dealing again with the Shadow Ministry and Randolph losing his shit if they even try to touch Saul. I also adored the 'found family' aspect with the house in Fetter Lane being a haven for all these men who are scarred and altered in every way possible by the Great War. Plus, you know, tentacles. YES.


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