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This is the first exchange I've ever participated in, so I'm really looking forward to it. The
things I've put below are really just guidelines or suggestions; I will be genuinely pleased with anything that just includes the pairings.


All ratings, light bondage (but spur of the moment stuff, not planned, if that makes sense!),people coming in pants, teasing, first times, bravery, 'us against the world', secret relationships, hurt/comfort, huddling together for warmth, really intense kisses, sex where they don't quite get undressed, wall sex.

General dislikes:


Atlantis: Icarus/Pythagoras

I can't believe how taken I was by this lovely relationship, dropped into the last four (ever! sob) episodes of Atlantis. It was just gorgeous. I've never seen two hearts break so beautifully, and then get mended again in a better way. I would love if there was some fic that explored the differences between them - Pythagoras is such a thinker, while Icarus just plunges - literally - into situations; even the differences in their physicality - Pythagoras is so still and Icarus is a ball of energy. Does Pythagoras find it hard to trust Icarus, or does Icarus think he does? I'd love fic of them on the Argo - does Pythagoras navigate by the stars? Does Icarus take his wings with him? Oh you know what, I'd be happy with anything!

Pride and Prejudice: Darcy/Wickham; Darcy/Charles Bingley

Darcy and Wickham - the early years! I'd love to see some angry (turning lustful) encounters between the two. Would be great if their dry wit could be captured too.

Darcy and Bingley - I imagine Charles Bingley being such an enthusiastic puppy in bed! Would love fic where it's his first time and he's incredibly bouncy and over excited, and tries to top Darcy (and perhaps succeeds?).

Wimbledon: Peter Colt/Dieter Prohl

So. HOW HOT is Paul Bettany in Wimbledon? Yes, I agree.

Ok so these two have been on the tennis circuit together a while. Would love to see what happened between them in the past after the adrenaline surge of a big win for either of them. Locker room sex is very much appreciated, but really anything is great.

Game of Thrones: Jon Snow/Samwell Tarly

So would adore some 'first time' fic for these two - doesn't have to be sex, but fooling around, or trying to keep each other warm. I've only seen season 1 of Game of Thrones, but I've been spoiled so don't worry about spoiling me, although it would be great if this could be set in s1.

Ugh, sorry for rushed crapness of the letter - anon commenting is on if you want to ask any questions!

Hello my lovely Yuletide writer! This is my first Yuletide and I am really looking forward to it. My requests are all for historical people/characters I love and am fascinated by, and I hope you find them interesting too.

General Likes:

All ratings, light bondage (but spur of the moment stuff, not planned, if that makes sense!),people coming in pants, frottage, teasing, edging, first times, bravery, 'us against the world', secret relationships, hurt/comfort, huddling together for warmth, really intense kisses, sex where they don't quite get undressed, wall sex, pining, improper use of cravats :) Quite honestly I am happy to read most kinks, even things I haven't thought of here, so go for it.

Also - as I tend towards historical canons - I do like explorations of internalised homophobia (and external homophobia). I also totally understand if you don't want to write that at all, but just thought I'd put it out there.

I also like first person pov just as much as third person, so if you want to write a fic that way, go for it.

General dislikes:

MPreg, modern AUs. The canon settings are usually half the attraction of a fandom to me. I am more than happy for storylines to be changed, just not the setting, basically!

The prompts I've included below are just suggestions. I am more than happy for you to ignore them entirely.

Romantic Poets RPF

John Keats, Percy Shelley, Joseph Severn

Oh, Shelley and Keats! I firmly believe that Shelley loved Keats and wanted to be his best friend, and Keats was certainly more hesitant about their relationship (due to Shelley’s ‘dissolute’ lifestyle i.e. all the shagging and atheism), but felt warmly towards Shelley too.

To give some background, Keats and Shelley met on multiple occasions in London before Shelley exiled himself to Italy, and they exchanged letters and advice about poetry. Despite Shelley being an aristocrat and Keats very much a struggling, middle class writer (derided by some critics as a ‘cockney poet’) their admiration was mutual.

When Shelley found out Keats was ill, he invited him immediately to come and live with him in Italy and get better. In his letter inviting him, Shelley said “I am aware indeed that I am nourishing a rival who will far surpass me and this is an additional motive & will be an added pleasure.”

Keats didn’t accept the offer and instead set off on his tragic trip to Rome which ended in his death.

When Keats died, Shelley was devastated. He blamed the critics who had given Keats bad reviews for his death, saying that he tore a hole in his lung due to the upset and stress, and wrote an amazing elegy to him; Adonais. (the dedication mentions Severn). And when Shelley drowned a year later and his body was found, he had a book of Keat's poetry in his inside pocket, which had been thrust in there so quickly that it was doubled-back with the spine broken. He must have been reading it just before his boat hit trouble and went down.

Joseph Severn and John Keats is another heart-breaking story. Keats – who I think knew he was dying, being medically trained and knowing the signs – was looking for a companion to accompany him on a rest cure to Rome. None of his close friends could (or would, knowing what would possibly await them there) go with him. Joseph Severn, an artist who admired Keats but barely knew him, volunteered, against his father’s wishes, who withdrew any financial support for him. He thought he was going on a trip to Italy to find a cure for Keats – he didn’t know that within two months he would be nursing him, alone, on his death bed. His letters from Rome (exhausted, running out of money, desperate about Keats’ condition) are very hard to read, but give you an idea of the depth of their relationship by that point. You can find a decent selection of them here:

Prompts: Obviously I am happy to receive gen fic. There is obviously a lot of hurt/comfort in these stories. Fix-it fic is great (Keats recovers at Shelley’s house! Severn finds a doctor who cures Keats!). Also happy to get a fic where Keat and Severn meet for the first time, in happier circumstances. But if you want to do a darker story, then that is much appreciated also.

Ship-wise I am also more than happy to receive Keats/Severn fic, or Keats/Shelley. Or Shelley/Severn, comforting each other after Keats’ death. I know that Shelley wrote to Severn after Keats’ death, inviting him to Pisa, and I know that Severn lived in Italy for most of the rest of his life (and is buried next to Keats in a cemetery in Rome – Shelley is also buried in the same cemetery)

Pining!Shelley fic would be happily received too! His most famous pining poem is here “To Thirst and find no fill” if that gives any inspiration:

To thirst and find no fill, -- to wail and wander With short unsteady steps, -- to pause and ponder, -- To feel the blood run through the veins and tingle Where busy thought and blind sensation mingle, -- To nurse the image of unfelt caresses Till dim imagination just possesses The half-created shadow, then all the night Sick . . .

If you fancy the crack version, then I would also be happy to receive ‘John Keats killed his brother!’ fic. This stems from a thread a while back on failfandom_anon where a nonnie lamented that her literature students had taken a very strange dislike to John Keats. Here is the original comment:

“The random hate-on that my students have for John Keats in this literature class I'm teaching is starting to get on my nerves. Yes, he totally let his mother and brother die of tuberculosis! Because he could have saved them, you see, since he had physician's training. Tuberculosis: totally curable in the early nineteenth century! If only Keats had exerted himself. Just finished one paper that suggested that Keats let his brother die because his brother probably wrote better poetry than he did and Keats was jealous. What?

Then there are the ones who are convinced that he was a "raging alcoholic" because he talks about wine in "Ode to a Nightingale," and the ones who think that he went around seducing random women because of the knight and the fairy lady in "La Belle Dame Sans Merci." I'm glad now that we didn't read Lamia. God only knows what they would have thought of that.”

So…did John Keats kill his brother and claim George’s poetry as his own? Did any of his other friends suspect? Did he spill the beans during an alcoholic rant? You tell me!

Poldark TV 2015

Ross Poldark, George Warleggan, Dwight Enys

Okay so Poldark is just a really fun BBC drama, filmed in beautiful Cornwall and full of very attractive actors and actresses. It has its tragic moments too, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of it is fighting, drinking, sex, gambling brawls, sex and drinking. Yay! It’s set in roughly the 1780s and the Cornish mines are declining due to competition from Welsh mines and blah blah smelting. You don’t have to know about any of that, unless you really care to :) It’s only 8 episodes at this point and is available on dvd and maybe BBC iplayer, depending where you live. I’ve also seen some episodes on youtube.

The basic premise is that Ross Poldark is an English aristocrat who is sent to fight in the American War of Independence to avoid being hung for smuggling and brawling. He returns home years later to find that his father is dead, the land and mine he has inherited are in rack and ruin, and his fiancé is marrying his cousin, having thought he was dead. Not only that, but George Warleggan, a business rival, is trying to get control of his mines by any means possible.

This puts Ross in quite a bad mood. He does quite a lot of slightly furious half-naked farm work. See here for reference:

George Warleggan is a self-made man and has worked his way up to being wealthy and associating with the upper classes (as is mentioned a lot, his grandfather was a blacksmith) but must watch his behaviour and manners at all times, or people will judge him due to his background. He resents Ross for being so free and behaving just as he pleases, rejecting the acceptance to the upper classes George craves. George is like 'why do you make fun of and not appreciate this thing that I want more than anything' and Ross is like 'none of it means anything, why do you care about it' and then they have sex.

Also George has this kind of blue eyed innocent look (even when being extremely cartoon-villain-y) and is always impeccably dressed in a way I’d like to see get dishevelled.

Dwight Enys is a doctor who fought with Ross in the war. He was the physician who sewed Ross’s face back together after he got shot. They pretty much love each other. Dwight holds similar views about class to Ross, and sets up a medical practice to try to help the poor mine workers.

Dwight and Ross have seen each other through some pretty awful situations. Obviously the war, then Dwight has an affair with one of the mine-workers wives and the miner kills her. He and Ross help the husband escape arrest (for Reasons). They keep each other’s secrets. Dwight also attends to Ross’s baby daughter when she’s ill and has to break it to him that she is dying.

Prompts: I’ll admit that although I love his actual wife in the show, I ship Ross Poldark with George Warleggan like burning; such great potential for hate-sex. The canon mentions that they were at school together (George talks of ‘admiring’ Ross at school) but as adults they seem to have an immediately bitter rivalry so I do wonder about their history together. One-sided pining for this pairing would also be great!

I also ship Ross/Dwight. The way they greet each other when Dwight first arrives in the show is just lovely, with huge smiles and a hug.

Plus Dwight saved Ross’s beautiful face!

I’d be happy to see anything pre-canon. Perhaps scenes with Dwight in the war - I know NOTHING about the history of the American war of independence so don’t feel like you’ve got to be incredibly historically accurate. Pre-canon rivalry with George would also be really interesting - what triggered it all off?

Bloomsbury Group RPF

Lytton Strachey, John Maynard Keynes and Duncan Grant.

Who knew that one of the greatest economists in history, and the man who revolutionised the Biography spent an awful lot of time fighting over boys?

Because they really did. Most of this is revealed by Lytton Strachey in his letters, which are hilarious and truthful, and very brave in an era where he could have been imprisoned had they fallen into the wrong hands. And he seems to hold nothing back. He and Maynard are at Cambridge together, and both fall for a beautiful blonde boy named Arthur Hobhouse. Maynard is ultimately victorious, and Lytton is so furious and devastated that he writes this poem about Maynard:

What do I think of when I think of you?
I think of a type-written billet-doux;
A coloured photograph of Cupid’s balls;
A safety bicycle with genitals;
A rocking horse endeavouring to fuck;
A weather-cock that happens to be stuck.

(It goes on, but you get the idea! My god if these two had been on tumblr…)

Lytton and Maynard did have a sexual relationship of sorts, despite Lytton describing Maynard as ‘our ugly Keynes’ and “My self confidence has sunk to the lowest ebb. To have begun so proudly, with such flying colours and trumpet calls! And then to find oneself in a muddy ditch, copulating with Keynes. Don’t be too alarmed. I haven’t done it physically”. Despite all the rivalry and arguing, they do have a great affection for each other.

When Lytton falls in love with Duncan Grant (his cousin, the artist) it sweeps him away entirely. “I’ve just had, with Duncan, a glimpse of Heaven! [he] leaves me in a lavicious trance.” Duncan was kind of irresistible, described as “Singularly free of sexual shame, stunningly sexy, modest and charming”. ( see here ) Duncan himself admits, when asked if all the sexual activity Lytton talks of really did happen, “I can’t speak for anyone else, but I had relations with anyone who would have me.”

Duncan admits that he is not in love with Lytton and calls himself a ‘brute’. It ends between them, though Lytton is still mad about him, saying “He has given me more joy than I ever dreamt of. He has satisfied my body, my mind and my heart.”

Lytton shuts himself away at Cambridge to complete his dissertation. While he is away, Duncan begins a relationship with Maynard. One discovering this, Lytton is devastated but sends a touching letter to Maynard which says “Dear Maynard, I only know that we’ve been friends for too long to stop being friends now…you must believe that I do sympathise and don’t hate you and that if you were here now I should probably kiss you, except that Duncan would be jealous.” Maynard replied saying that Lytton’s letter had made him cry.

Both Lytton and Duncan express their anger and frustration at the laws which prevent them being open about their relationships. Originally sent in a letter to Maynard, Duncan said: ‘You cannot imagine how much I want to scream sometimes here for want of being able to say something that I mean. It’s not only that one’s a sodomite [but?] that one has to hide one’s whole philosophy of life; one’s feelings even for inanimate things I feel would shock some people. Here I am surrounded by them, not a soul to speak to . . . it’s so damnable to think that they can only think me a harmless sort of lunatic or a dangerous criminal whom they wouldn’t associate with at any price.’

Describing a story Maynard told him about kissing another boy at Eton, Lytton says to Leonard Woolf: “Poor little Swithinbank could never quite believe he wasn’t doing something wrong when he let himself be kissed. The brutes! The devils! To such a length have they carried their abominable perversions of things!”

Most of my information comes from Paul Levy’s ‘The letters of Lytton Strachey’. Obviously, the book might be expensive or difficult to get hold of, so I am also very happy to receive fic based on episode 1 of BBC’s ‘Life in Squares’. I have seen this on youtube and it might also be on iplayer. That episode covers Lytton and Maynard’s rivalry over Hobhouse, some lovely scenes of Lytton and Duncan Grant, and a smidge of Maynard and Duncan too. It also contains Duncan’s speech about the misery of having to keep his true nature a secret, due to the risk of being imprisoned.

Prompts: Obviously I ship them all with each other. But gen prompts would include their evenings with the Bloomsbury group as a whole, arguing over art, literature, the whole thing. Or one of the endless country house parties they all seem to go to. Their time at Cambridge is really interesting to me. You don’t have to include all three of them in any fic, any combination is fine by me, but all together would also be fantastic. Lytton’s letters are really very funny, so I’d love it if you could capture some of his humour. Feel free to bring in any other members of the Group, or other family members or friends – anything you like, if that is where the story takes you!

Disclaimer: I am not a historian, just a fan, so if I have any of these details wrong, feel free to correct them :)

Hi Chocolate Box author and anyone else who might be reading - I hope you find something interesting in my prompts/ideas!

General Likes:

All ratings, light bondage, people coming in pants, frottage, teasing, edging, first times, secret relationships, hurt/comfort, really intense kisses, sex where they don't quite get undressed, wall sex, pining, dub-con, rough sex. Have no problem with my favourites suffering physically or mentally! More than happy to read kinks I've not listed here, as long as they're not in my 'dislikes' below.

General dislikes:

MPreg, modern AUs

(The prompts I've included below are just suggestions. I am more than happy for you to ignore them entirely.)

Harry Potter


Remus/Regulus. So interesting! Perhaps it's a one off moment between them, or perhaps an ongoing thing that they both have to keep deadly secret. There is a wildness in Remus's character that he tries hard to subdue and he could be intrigued by something and someone he shouldn't have. Maybe Remus has something to do with Regulus turning away from Voldemort, or at least planting seeds of doubt - or maybe it's straight-up "I hate you and everything you stand for, but you're irresistable". And Remus would be so conflicted keeping it all from Sirius. Anything goes as long as it's not too fluffy!

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (TV)

John Childermass/John Segundus

I...clearly have a thing about guys called 'John' for this canon.

ANYWAY I am pretty shallow when it comes to this pairing; I just want to see John Segundus get some because he's hot :) He's a combination of sweet, earnest and brave which I absolutely love, and contrasts with Childermass who can be both ruthless and duplicitious. I also see Mr Segundus as still having impeccable manners, even while being completely defiled...

Childermass perhaps persuades him in an unexpected way to publish his report on the magical happenings at York Minster. Or I'd love a missing scene from the house in the country where Mr Segundus is nursing Lady Pole and Childermass tries to force his way in. Or even a relationship which starts as the book/tv story ends?

London Spy

Danny Holt/Alex Turner

This pairing needs all the fix-it fic in the world. VERY VERY happy with a completely different ending, extremely happy with anything depicting first times for Alex - not just sex but intimacy, kissing, being cared about. Love Alex being extremely competent at some things and hopelessy naive and inexperienced in others. Ugh, they just loved each other so much! I would be extremely pleased, genuinely, with pretty much anything for these two as long as they're making each other happy.


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