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Hi Yuletide writer!

I'm so pleased that you're writing for me. Here are some ideas and prompts, but if you have other ideas that you'd prefer to write, go for it. ODAO after all! Also, for all the requests apart from His Dark Materials, I am happy for you to use any combination of the characters I've requested, but don't feel you have to include every single one.


- pining (although I prefer it requited)
- hurt/comfort (mental and physical)
- whump
- competency
- physical reactions to stress
- people being mutally besotted, even if they don't admit it
- prequels, backstory, missing scenes
- please feel free to go full woobie. I love a woobie. Especially a stoic woobie.
- all ratings. If you feel like writing kink, go for it.
- frantic sex, sex where they don't quite manage to undress, sex where they don't quite manage to get a room, frottage.
- non con and dub con.
- mindfuckery
- clothing porn
- kissing. Oh god I love long drawn out kissing sessions


- anything to do with pregnancy, birth, babies (and egg laying :D )
- modern AUs. Well, I actually don't dislike them at all, I just don't want them for this exchange
- Um. That's it I think!

Dickensian: Arthur Havisham, Meriwether Compeyson, Mr Jaggers

Poor Arthur Havisham - what a time he's had of it. Disinherited, heavily in debt, gay, bitter, and with a little bit of a drink problem. Living above a pub with the monstrous Meriwether Compeyson doesn't exactly help with any of that either.

This show basically came from my id. The way Compeyson menaces Arthur with his naked body, the way he tries to kiss him in public to frighten him, the beating with the belt - and just when Arthur can't take any more, he reels him back in with booze and false friendship and gently tending his wounds when Arthur gets violently mugged. Ah, it's all so very very fucked up.

I ship Arthur/Compeyson in an extremely messed up way! I'd love anything about these two - how they met, how they came up with their nasty little plans. Perhaps an AU where they got away with it, and what effect that has on their relationship. What their nights out are like (brandy soaked, I think). This ship is ideal for kinky, fucked up sex, so if you want to write me that, be my guest!

As for Mr Jaggers, I'd love to think of him rescuing Arthur in some way, or guiding him out of the bloody mess he's got himself into. I ship them too, in a guardian/ward kind of dynamic.

Mr Jaggers - played by the simply brilliant John Heffernan who gave him so much depth - I could read doing pretty much anything. He completely pings my competency kink. I'd love fic about him just lawyering, or working with Inspector Bucket on a case, or just the shady stuff he gets his clerks to do for him. Mr Jaggers vs Chancery! I love the little details they added from the book about him, like the hand washing and so on. And the animosity with Mr Tulkinghorn - what's that all about?

David Blaize: David Blaize, Frank Maddox, Hughes, Bags

When I picked up this book I had no idea the immense amount of homoerotic yearning and self-flagellation and pining I was about to experience. All with added corporal punishment!

(There is another book about them all called 'David of Kings' but feel free to include or ignore, I really don't mind).

It just ticks so many of my boxes. The hero-worship and desire to please that Bags has for David and David has first for Hughes and then for Frank. Frank trying desperately to suppress his longing for David, even while tormenting himself with racquet-handle spankings and naked swimming and reading poetry to each other. Ridiculous. And Hughes. Poor old Hughes dismissed as 'filthy' and sent to Sandhurst!

I'd love post-canon requited David/Frank, especially if it's David who has to point out to Frank that he's all grown up now and trying to keep him innocent is just ridiculous. I'd love to see what David does that finally breaks Frank's willpower to resist him. I'd rather not have Frank in despair that something happens between them though, but rather that it might be a step towards some self-acceptance.

Or some messed up Frank/Hughes - I mean, they were totally doing it before David came on the scene, and then Frank bins Hughes without a backward glance. What a cad :) What did they get up to together that Hughes was so keen to demonstrate to David? What are Hughes' feelings about everything; does he try to get Frank back, does he turn to Bags?

Post-canon Hughes would also be great - is he still 'filthy'? Does he hanker for the racquet handle? :D

Include as much or as little cricket as you like - I don't understand a word of it but I like reading it! I also love the boarding school setting if you'd rather write canon-era fic.

His Dark Materials: Baruch and Balthamos

Ah, my precious, tragic angels! They have one of my favourite sorts of dynamic - Baruch is young and sweet, very open, and very brave. Balthamos is trickier and can be sarcastic and prickly, but he has a such good heart. And they are so incredibly, beautifully in love with each other <3 In fact, they are soul bonded, which makes Balthamos' grief when Baruch dies so awful:

“He only knew that half his heart had been extinguished. He couldn’t keep still: he flew up again, scouring the sky as if to seek out Baruch in this cloud or that, calling, crying, calling; and then he’d be overcome with guilt, and fly down to urge Will to hide and keep quiet, and promise to watch over him tirelessly; and then the pressure of his grief would crush him to the ground, and he’d remember every instance of kindness and courage that Baruch had ever shown, and there were thousands, and he’d forgotten none of them; and he’d cry that a nature so gracious could never be snuffed out, and he’d soar into the skies again, casting about in every direction, reckless and wild and stricken, cursing the very air, the clouds, the stars.”

For these two I'd love backstory - how did they meet (Baruch was a man first, but Balthamos was formed from dust and has always been an angel), how did they fall in love? How did their souls become entwined? Or just - how do angels kiss? How does it feel when they don't quite have bodies?

Please feel free to include other characters - or not - if you feel like it fits your story.

Captive Prince: the tavern prostitute, the stable boy

OKAY I appreciate that expecting anyone to write this is a long shot! But what the hell, it's Yuletide.

I found the scenes with the tavern prostitute very amusing and loved his snark and his sulky 'More like mousy. And he wasn't that attractive,' line so much. I may have been almost as amused as Laurent.

I like to think that he and the stable boy (who Govart doesn't pay) are friends, and that they get up to adventures together...or actively hate each other and compete for clients. I'd love versions of events through their eyes, or just a snippet of their daily life or hey what the hell maybe they fancy each other! I would be so tickled by anything about them, quite honestly. And obviously include any of the other characters from the books if/when you feel the need. I promise three copper sols to anyone who writes this; paid up front :)

Poldark TV 2015: Ross Poldark, George Warleggan, Francis Poldark

I'll just say up front - I don't care about the smelting. Or the tin or whatever the hell Ross is digging out of that mine with his shirt off. So don't worry about that.

I'm mainly fascinated by the relationship George Warleggan has with both Francis and Ross. When the series opens, George and Francis are shown as being very good friends and 'close as brothers'. But when Ross returns from war, George's need to gain power over Ross leads him to utterly fuck Francis over.

I'd love to know why Ross is openly hostile to George immediately he returns, because it's never really given an explanation. George extends the hand of friendship many times (whatever friendship actually means to George) but Ross utterly rejects it. I can't help but feel there's some history there - they were all at school together after all.

I loved together, kick-arse Francis of season 2. I mean, I had a lot of sympathy for drunk!bankrupt!bitter Francis in season 1, but Francis stamping around in his greatcoat, telling George to do one and giving absolutely no fucks was completely delightful. He's also kind of obsessed with Ross (he mentions how he 'secretly adores' him).

I'd love Francis POV fic about how he pulls himself back together from the mindset he's in at the beginning of s2, or about the extreme changes in his relationships with both George and Ross.

I'd love George POV fic obsessing over Ross. I LOVE HIS RIDICULOUS BOXING LESSONS. And all his outfits. Clothes porn would be perfect for this character.

For shippy fic I'm happy with any combination of Ross/Francis/George. Feel free to chuck Dwight into the mix as well - he did spend that night with Francis in the tavern after all!

Date: 2016-10-07 12:38 pm (UTC)
aurilly: (edmund armour)
From: [personal profile] aurilly
I need to find a way to watch this Dickensian thing, because your letter makes it sound like everything I didn't know needed. And obviously, you have immaculate taste in ships. ;D

Date: 2016-10-07 06:14 pm (UTC)
aurilly: (Default)
From: [personal profile] aurilly
I must be confusing Amazon so much, because I'm suddenly ordering all these dvds from the UK site. I'm so excited.

Yes, it's so weird. I have been so deeply, pathetically desperate for Psmith fic (you honestly can't even imagine), so I thought I'd try pimping it at the Yuletide comm post. Someone responded to say, "If you like Psmith, you might like this other book!" And I did!

Date: 2016-10-08 07:49 pm (UTC)
aurilly: (audrey)
From: [personal profile] aurilly
I briefly scanned the episode titles as I was ordering and I loved that some of the bit characters are Dickens characters. I see what you mean about it being Dickens fanfic. I love Dickens! Aaaah, I can't wait until the 21st! (that's when Amazon says the dvd will arrive)

I think you would LOVE the Psmith books and the Psmith/Mike ship. They have the same adorably devoted BFF vibe as Pythagoras/Icarus, where one is super clever while the other is an endearing everyman who gets shit done and lovingfully shakes his head at the other one's eccentricity. And it's literally the same exact same setting(s) as David Blaize -- Edwardian era, amazing first day of school meet-cute, boarding school roommates, visiting each other during holidays, going to Cambridge, ignoring that WWI is a thing that exists...). The main differences are that the slash isn't canonical, and the whole tone of it is lighter (obviously, since PG Wodehouse wrote it), so there's no caning or self-flaggelation or any of the angst from Frank/David (which I adore, too, don't get me wrong). No gratuitous swimming either (though there is a scene where Psmith watches Mike change?). However, there's a lot more secretly self-sacrificing loyalty kink! They're pretty much my favorite thing. The link to where you can read the first two books is in my letter. :D

Date: 2016-10-09 08:26 pm (UTC)
aurilly: (Default)
From: [personal profile] aurilly
I'm so pleased that you like it!!! :D

Isn't Mike just the dearest darling? Doesn't Psmith say the most delightfully ridiculous things? Aren't they perfect together? Just wait until the self-sacrificing loyalty. And then the second book where they literally move in together. GOSH!


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