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Hello Chocolate Box writer (or artist)! I'm really looking forward to this exchange.

I have listed some prompts below, but honestly, if you have an idea you'd like to write and it fits with my likes and DNWs, then go for it. I like surprises :)


- pining (although I prefer it requited)
- hurt/comfort (mental and physical)
- whump
- competency
- physical reactions to stress - feeling faint, throwing up
- people being mutally besotted, even if they don't admit it
- prequels, backstory, missing scenes
- please feel free to go full woobie. I love a woobie. Especially a stoic woobie.
- all ratings. If you feel like writing kink, go for it.
- frantic sex, sex where they don't quite manage to undress, sex where they don't quite manage to get a room, frottage.
- non con and dub con.
- mindfuckery
- clothing porn
- wrists getting kissed or touched. And people unfastening cuffs to get at the wrist to kiss it
- kissing. Oh god I love long drawn out kissing sessions


- anything to do with pregnancy, birth, babies etc
- modern AUs for the period canons. I don't mind so much for Harry Potter.

Whyborne and Griffin

Pairing: Griffin Flaherty/Percival Whyborne

These books are such a comfort read for me. Which may seem strange when yoou consider all the eldritch horrors they contain, so I won't tell you what my other comfort reads are...

Anyway, I adore these two. Whyborne is so eccentric and awkward and endearing, and I love his self doubt and his constant confusion that Griffin thinks he's the hottest thing he's ever seen. And Griffin! Talk about a stoic woobie (my FAVOURITE type of woobie). They work so well together.

Fic: I'd be happy with a slice of life - just them kissing on the couch for an hour pottering around in their lodgings, or taking a day trip to do something Whyborne finds faintly horrifying, or celebrating a holiday or a birthday, and it all going a little...Widdershins. I love it when Whyborne's immaculate clothing gets messed up in some way. Do feel free to write something filthy! I especially love rampagingly horny just-done-some-sorcery Whyborne who tops the hell out of Griffin, and how Griffin absolutely melts at the thought of it. Or jealous Griffin, making sure Whyborne knows how much he wants him. Or some hurt/comfort with Griffin coming to terms with some of the awfulness of his past.

Art: I would love to see their apartment! Them using the study together, or just relaxing together, or eating breakfast. Or a depiction of Whyborne in his atrociously messy office. Or the two of them having an ice cream together by the sea. Or the two of them fighting some terrifying monster together, if you're in the mood to create something horrific! (with Whyborne nicely dishevelled, maybe?) It's up to you.

Harry Potter

Pairings: Viktor Krum/Ron Weasley (Rowling); Draco Malfoy/Ron Weasley (Rowling)

Fic: For Ron/Krum I want all the overwhelmed hero worship from Ron. He had such a huge crush on him in canon, I swear. Perhaps post-canon Ron meets Viktor a few times through Ginny, and fails utterly to play it cool. Or perhaps someone organises a charity Quidditch match that they both happen to play in, and then there is yearning in the locker room (I love a good post-quidditch yearn in the locker room in my HP fic). Or, obviously more than yearning! And please don't feel you have to actually write a quidditch match - even JKR found that a bit of a slog.

Ron/Draco ooooh boy the beautiful, beautiful hate-sex. I prefer this pairing post-canon where they are both adults and messed up by the war, and Draco isn't as sure of himself as he once was, and Ron perhaps doesn't see things in quite the same black and white way he did at school. I definitely like fucked up dynamics when it comes to these two. I love that they are both from old old wizarding families and that there is serious history between them, their parents, and probably their ancestors. It makes it extra interesting to me that they'd get together in some way despite that background, having full knowledge of all the implications it has.

Art: As long as Ron is in it and he's tall and lanky and freckled, then do what you like, pretty much! Ron and Draco hate-wanting each other across a room at a family function. Or Viktor and Ron in a locker room. Yearning :D

Pride and Prejudice

Pairings: Charles Bingley/Fitzwilliam Darcy; Fitzwilliam Darcy/George Wickham

These pairings are like night and day - Mr Bingley and Mr Darcy are such good friends, while Wickham and Darcy are each other's nemeses (Not that Darcy would ever admit he gives him a passing thought of course).

Fic: For Bingley/Darcy, I'd love to see a lighter side to Mr Darcy. He's so very serious most of the time and, Mr Bingley is sunshine in human form so he must rub off on him occasionally! Mr Bingley trusts Mr Darcy's opinion implicitly, so it would be interesting to see if Mr Darcy perhaps stepped in to rescue Mr Bingley from an earlier inappropriate romantic entanglement (with a terrible rake?) and Mr Bingley was very grateful :)

As for Darcy/Wickham...Oh I would love some UST. Or some very resolved ST! Lots of rage and hate and jealousy and why the hell is he so goodlooking anyway, the arsehole! A missing scene from the novel (maybe the confrontation we never see after Wickham runs off with Lydia) or perhaps some backstory - does Wickham bewitch young Darcy growing up, like he does Georgiana and Lydia later on?

Art: This this is where my clothes porn thing kicks in. I just want to see breeches and boots and fancy waistcoats and army uniforms and braiding and frogging or whatever the hell those twiddly bits are called. They can be doing anything, as long as there's a cravat in there somewhere!

ETA: In case I haven't made it clear, I am very happy to receive filthy, filthy porn for any of these fandoms, fic or art. Just thought I'd mention that :D


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